Posted - Jan 1st, 1970

I have been using Tableau at work for about 5 months and relying on their online tutorials, which are quite good, to perform given tasks. I also have another Tableau book, so I did not think I needed anything else, but the author spoke at our Tableau Users Group earlier this month and his talk was great so I ordered the book.

It turns out this book is probably the most helpful thing I’ve acquired since getting Tableau, itself. It has not only improved the way I use Tableau, it’s changed the way I think about Tableau.

Unlike other books, this one provides a complete view of what Tableau actually is and how it works from the ground up. For the first time, I feel like I am thinking about Tableau’s functions in context and in order.

The book also has this fantastic quality of being both readable and informative – like talking to a thoughtful, knowledgeable person about using Tableau versus reading a robotic user manual.
— ulrike