Posted - Feb 18th, 2016

I enjoyed visiting our Stillwater HQ and our Oklahoma City office. On Monday, I taught a class for computer science students at Oklahoma State University. The class is run by Professor Behfar Jahanshahi, who also has some other responsibilities.

Tuesday, I did a talk at the Stillwater TUG. This group specifically request the “talk you did in London” a couple of years ago. So, I did an updated version of that speech for a room full of people, adding some new Tableau features into the material.

On Wednesday, I journeyed down to Oklahoma City and did a 60-minute version of my 90-minute talk on predictive and discovery analytics using Tableau.

All of the talks were well received. What’s so fun about this is that eight years ago, nobody had heard of Tableau and it was very difficult to get anyone in Oklahoma to listen to a talk about visual analytics. That has clearly changed; everyone is interested.

Below are my slide decks from the presentations (be warned, the first is big) followed by the relevant files:



Here are a few photos from Stillwater and OKC: