Posted - Mar 16th, 2016

Seattle is one of my favorite cities in the world. Great coffee, big mountains and wonderful people who also know tech! Thanks to Anthony Gould for organizing the event. I really loved his presentation on the audience. SEATUG creates a dashboard of all meeting attendees and surveys the group for their self-reported skill level (beginner, intermediate and advanced). They track who signs-up, no shows and when people arrive for meetings. Then, they present those details in a Tableau dashboard at the start of the meeting. It’s always fun speaking in Seattle, and the reception afterwards was great fun with some good conversation. I also had the opportunity to introduce Dick Holm (who was my technical editor for the 2nd edition) during the speech.

Dick Holm

Above: Catching up with Dick Holm in Seattle.

Dick sent me a detailed critical evaluation of the 1st edition of Tableau Your Data! It was very helpful and he had obviously taken a lot of time to layout areas that the book could be improved. That’s why I asked him to edit the 2nd edition. He did a great job and made the end product better. Thank you Dick!

Below is my slide deck from the presentation followed by the relevant files:


Here are a few photos from Seattle: