Posted - Apr 14th, 2016

This week I traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to talk to a fairly new TUG. The event sold out, and the room was full of excited Tableau addicts. Thanks to Farmers Insurance for hosting the event and to Nolan Ackerman of Kellogg for organizing a great day. One person there actually saw me speak at the very first Tableau Conference, Aaron Medema. That means Aaron’s been using Tableau since V3.0 or so.

Nolan also presented a very cool big-screen projection system that Kellogg uses to create massive (touch-sensitive) dashboards. I’ve seen these types of systems in Phoenix and Atlanta but never using projection systems which reduce the cost of these configurations considerably. Image a 4000 pixel wide dashboard! Shanna Granda of Tableau Software also spoke about V9.3 and V10.0.

All in all, it was a fun and informative event.

Below is my slide deck from the presentation followed by the relevant files:

Here are a few photos: