Posted - Jan 19th, 2016

The 2nd edition of Tableau Your Data! required over 1,000 hours of research and writing. More than 500 new visualizations were created using the OS X and Windows versions of Tableau. Writing this update was a considerable amount of work.

Writing a book is a lot of work. Writing an update to a book on Tableau is also a lot of work. Tableau Software continues to add features. As a result, this edition is 169 pages longer than the 1st edition. In addition, significant new content was added in nearly every chapter. The function reference in the appendix was updated, adding more than 40 new functions.

I’m also going to actively update the companion website every month because Tableau Software plans to accelerate their release cadence. As new features are released, I’ll provide updated coverage and index it to the related sections in the book.

At Tableau Conference 2015 in Las Vegas last year, I was excited by the feedback I received from readers of the 1st edition. Many people told me that the book was the only reference material they used to successfully prepare for the Tableau certification exam. We were also thrilled that people from every continent were readers of Tableau Your Data! I hope that you find the 2nd edition to be as helpful as the first.

I want to thank Dick Holm for his patience and excellent feedback. Dick provided technical editing for the 2nd edition. His perspective was helpful and, I believe, improved the clarity and content of this version. There are other Tableau guidebooks on the market, but I believe Tableau Your Data! is the only one that provides coverage of both the Desktop and Server products.

Of course, this book wouldn’t be possible without the insight and help of the InterWorks team and our clients. Thank you all for sharing your insights!

Dan Murray