TYD2 Tour Journal: Kansas City

Posted - Jun 14th, 2016

Last week, I was in Kansas City to present at the University of Kansas campus in Overland Park. The venue was really nice, and the Tableau user group founder and leader in Kansas City, Ryan Sleeper, did a great job promoting and organizing the event. Between 160–170 people attended. I answered questions for around 45 minutes after… Read more »

TYD2 Tour Journal: Cox Enterprises TUG

Posted - May 23rd, 2016

  Russ Johnson at Cox invited me to speak to the Cox Enterprises internal Tableau User Group this week. Cox is one of the most impressive companies in the Atlanta market, and their Tableau use is expanding internal. I enjoyed speaking to the Cox team and meeting their Tableau team. This talk was a little… Read more »

TYD2 Tour Journal: Georgia STEM Day

Posted - May 10th, 2016

Friday, May 6 was Georgia STEM day for students who are interested in science, technology, engineering and math-related careers. My friend, Andy Piper; my youngest daughter, Hannah; and I were honored to provide a talks and Tableau training to middle school students at Louise Radloff Middle School. 
I’ve taught a lot of people to use Tableau, but… Read more »

TYD2 Tour Journal: Dallas (SMU)

Posted - May 9th, 2016

Randy Krum is one of my early idols in the world of data visualization and infographics. Randy started a blog right around the time I got interested in this industry, so I jumped at the opportunity to speak at a meetup he sponsors in Dallas on a regular basis. Randy is also an author and… Read more »

TYD2 Tour Journal: Omaha

Posted - May 9th, 2016

I always enjoy my trips to Omaha. A long time ago, I met a fellow there named Mike Moore. Mike is passionate about data. Years ago, I offered to help him start a Tableau user group in Omaha. GOTUG is now a very successful user group. This week, I followed Dewey Heffelfinger. Dewey showed some… Read more »

TYD2 Tour Journal: Atlanta

Posted - Apr 22nd, 2016

I got to do a hometown talk this week at the first Tableau user group in the world. I co-founded ATUG seven years ago with Andy Kriebel, John Hoover, Andy Piper, Martin Click and Chris Cushman. Many of us have scattered since then. Andy K is now a consultant in London. Martin moved from UPS… Read more »

TYD2 Tour Journal: Miami

Posted - Apr 20th, 2016

This week, I went to Miami to deliver a talk to a relatively new Tableau user group. I arrived early and had some interesting conversations with attendees. After the talk, I stayed for nearly an hour answering questions. There were a couple of people there with Tableau Your Data! 2nd Edition. I love to see the… Read more »

TYD2 Tour Journal: West Michigan

Posted - Apr 14th, 2016

This week I traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to talk to a fairly new TUG. The event sold out, and the room was full of excited Tableau addicts. Thanks to Farmers Insurance for hosting the event and to Nolan Ackerman of Kellogg for organizing a great day. One person there actually saw me speak at… Read more »

TYD2 Tour Journal: North Suburban Chicago

Posted - Apr 8th, 2016

This week, I was in Chicago to give speeches at the North Suburban Chicago TUG, Cars.com and Groupon. In addition, I had dinner with several InterWorks team members and Lawrence Corr, author of Agile Data Warehouse Design. Every event was well-attended. TUG leader Kevin Chaplin reported that it was the largest attendance ever for the… Read more »

TYD2 Tour Journal: Portland & Phoenix

Posted - Apr 4th, 2016

This week was fun. I did a private talk for a large client in Portland, Oregon, then went to Phoenix, Arizona, to give a talk at the Phoenix Tableau User Group. The last time I spoke in Phoenix, AAA hosted a great but small event that around 15 people attended. This week, Wells Fargo hosted… Read more »