Posted - Apr 22nd, 2016

I got to do a hometown talk this week at the first Tableau user group in the world. I co-founded ATUG seven years ago with Andy Kriebel, John Hoover, Andy Piper, Martin Click and Chris Cushman. Many of us have scattered since then. Andy K is now a consultant in London. Martin moved from UPS to logistics consulting. Chris is a data visualization consultant in Denver. The only real constants in the group have been Andy Piper and John Hoover at Norfolk Southern.

I want to thank Andy and John for their sponsorship of ATUG and their continuing support and guidance of the group. For the last few years, I’ve only be able to speak at the ATUG meeting one or two times per year. I’ve tried to spread the lessons we learned when we started ATUG to other Talbeau user groups in North America and Europe. John and Andy have made a very large contribution to the Tableau community in Atlanta. I’m proud to call them friends along with Andy, Martin and Chris.

Below is my slide deck from the presentation followed by the relevant files:


Here are a few photos: