Posted - Mar 2nd, 2016

This was the fourth time I’ve come to Pittsburgh to speak at the Tableau user group there. The crowd was overflowing and engaged. There were lots of good questions.

Arriving Monday night, I had dinner with an old friend, Paul Bosetti. Paul and I worked together in my pre-consulting day and he attended the first Tableau Conference with me at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle. Paul is now working for a company inserted between the operating people and IT. He’s using Tableau, but his company selected other platforms for the majority of their reporting and analysis. It was good to see him.

The weather was freakishly warm (in the 60’s), and the Uber driver that took me to Carnegie Mellon from airport was into data. He asked me a bunch of tech questions. This is one of the reasons that I love using Uber — you get interesting drivers.

Jill Wooster gave me two hours for my talk (it was basically the entire meeting), which was great because that left plenty of time for Q & A after I had finished. I was surprised to hear that my friend Ted Curran was no longer at CMU. If you read this, Ted, please contact me. I’d like to hear what your are up to.

It’s gratifying to see how Tableau has spread in the Pittsburgh community. Just a couple of years ago, a TUG meeting in Pittsburgh would attract about 30 people. Most of those folks worked at banks and insurance companies. I would guess between 125-150 people attended this talk. There were many more industries and companies of all sizes represented.

Below is my slide deck from the presentation followed by the relevant files:

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Here are a few photos: