Posted - Jan 27th, 2016

My second talk on the Tableau Your Data! 2nd Edition tour was in Houston at BMC Software’s impressive facility. Corresponding with this date was the official availability of the book on Amazon’s website!

I want to thank Robert Hanley, Director of Finance at BMC Software, for sponsoring the Tableau user group in Houston and providing a very nice venue (19th floor of the BMC office) for my presentation. An old friend from my working days prior to consulting (8+ years ago) showed up to say hello, as well.

I had 90 minutes to present “Predictive and Discovery Analytics Using Tableau,” which provided more time for introducing the background related to data visualization, big data and data science.

Around 125 people came for a room that was set up to seat 90. Following the event, I had dinner with InterWorks teammate Stephanie Kennedy. We talked about a number of topics, including the U.S. patent system, which lead me to review their website that night. The USPTO is trying to communicate their workload via dashboards. Unfortunately they are not good examples of best practices.

The slide deck and sample workbooks presented are available for download from the links below:


Montgomery is next. Until then, enjoy these photos from Houston: